0-4-4T Class M7 LSWR Profile and Models

0-4-4T Class M7 LSWR

No. 245 at London Waterloo in October 1988. ©P L Chadwick

Dugald Drummond designed the M7 0-4-4T class for use on the intensive London network of the London & South Western Railway, and they performed well in such tasks. Because of their utility, 105 were built and the class went through several major modifications over five production batches, resulting in detail variations between class members such as frame length. Many of the class were fitted with push-pull operation gear to enable them to work efficiently on branch lines without having to change ends. The M7s proved to be reliable suburban passenger locomotives and as they were displaced with newer standardised locomotives, they still found work as reliable branch line locomotives. The vast majority were kept in service with British Railways until 1957 where they were gradually phased out until 1965.

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Type of Locomotive



LSWR Nine Elms Works
LSWR Eastleigh Works

Build Date

1897 to 1911

Total Built


Tractive Effort

16,933 to 19,755 lbf

Wheel Configuration


Operated By

London and South Western Railway
Southern Railway
British Railways

Main Duties

Local Passenger

In Service Until


Surviving Examples



Products awaiting categorisation

Scale Brand Image Construction Type DCC Capability Product Code Product Title Livery
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) South Eastern Finecast F146SE SR M7 Push/Pull Requires assembly Not set F146SE
SR M7 Push/Pull Awaiting Categorisation
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale) Wills Kits F118 SR (Ex-LSWR) Class M7 0-4-4T Loco Body Kit Requires assembly Not set F118
SR (Ex-LSWR) Class M7 0-4-4T Loco Body Kit Awaiting Categorisation